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BWS Inc. is in the business to help save Black America. The culture of The Afro-American Black Culture who ancestors were known to be slaves and cotton pickers. At BWS the nonprofit organization want to save, uplift and help restore what left of the culture because its this culture of Black people in the United States who doesn’t receive their share of equality, privacy, prosperity and respect. BWS like to help the culture stop running from smelling the roses for a more productive life. Due to the alarming rate of police brutality, drug use, poverty and discrimination the culture is always seen in a hardship state of being. Every since slavery The Afro-American Black Culture has been viewed by others in a struggling state. 1st it was slavery that total destroyed one mind.

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  • Strength
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Socialization Activities

for members engagement  & to allow other ethnicity to see The Afro-American Blacks  in a much more positive demeanor.  Educational Empowerment and Fun.



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BWS is a support group designated and run by Afro-Americans. Geared solely for the purpose of a supporting mechanism platform, of brotherly love, of philanthropy within a community base for The Afro-American Black Culture and their communities. There is desperately a need for uplifting and bringing together a group of Black people who have been ignored, neglected and kept from prosperity. Who history came from the South and their ancestors was known to be slaves & cotton pickers. These Afro-Americans Black people that filled up New York, Harlem and made up most of the poor Black neighborhoods in the United States, who for over years, has been misunderstood and betrayed by the media as the villains of our society. They are true native New Yorkers in a means of the United States is the only place they know as home and yet, they own NOTHING in their communities’. And who seem, to be dying out from our humanity. With a lack of education and not much lust for an abundant, fruitful and prosperity of life, 9 times out of 10 these descendants from slavery die in their communities’. This is one of the primary reasons BWS see a need for strengthening, supporting and promoting an open arena for socialization, constructive uplifted motivational topics, community development and speeches, demonstrated, to enhance and keep alive these descendants of The Afro- American Black Culture. Within time hopefully, BWS can provide links to employment, housing, as well as, networking with various agencies / people to bring in additional education for inspiration in leadership to inspire the culture personality in wanting more out of life. That will only enlighten and help them display positive energy so that the culture can be seen and viewed by other cultures in a much more productive and positive demeanor. This nonprofit organization can become a fantastic outlet for dealing and facing issues The Afro-Americans Black Culture encountered and encounter. BWS support group can be an outreach as well provide the space to plan out strategic in tackling solutions brought to the table, for the culture to demonstrate a better lifestyle for a better tomorrow, for their self, for their families, for their communities and their race. BWS support group can also allow other ethnicities like Caribbean Blacks, Jews, Blacks from Africa, Latino, Asian as well as all other ethnicities see The Afro-American Black Culture in a more caring, loving, educated set of people who do care about communities, the environment and what goes on our planet Earth, to show that their Black Lives Matter.


is to create an atmosphere of outlets within a community base that nurture and support The Afro-American Black Culture families and their’ communities.


The President of BWS created a company to improve Afro American Black people lives on a daily basis.

BWS intends to have hands on to deliver a positive outcome by having a community based operation in various section of United States because this type of work is much needed in the United States.

BWS want to contribute motivation, education, seminars for the culture wellbeing on a variety of levels including help bring in prosperity and a sense of adventures to BWS members.

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BWS Orientation

BWS looking forward to hosting this 3 day event at Weeksville Heritage Center.

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BWS Meetup – BWS BOD Group 3 Meeting

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BWS Intro Series-to the job market

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Phrase 1 – Planning for Community Outreach

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