BWS Inc. is in the business to help save Black America. The Afro-American Black Culture who ancestors were known to be slaves and cotton pickers. At BWS the nonprofit organization want to save, uplift and help restore what left of the culture because its this culture of Black people in the United States who doesn’t receive their share of equality, privacy, prosperity and respect. BWS like to help the culture stop running from smelling the roses for a more productive life. Due to the alarming rate of police brutality, drug use, poverty and discrimination the culture is always seen in a hardship state of being. Every since slavery The Afro-American Black Culture has been viewed by others in a struggling state. 1st it was slavery that totally destroyed one mind. After the culture freedom next came The Civil Rights Movement and there to lots of factors brought about The Civil Rights Movement like being told where one can sit on the bus and signs everywhere stating white area here and Black, nigger, color folks area there. Not possession the right to learn how to read. Being Lynch, well these occurrences caused a lot of damage because it was a way of life for The Afro-American Black Culture for such a long time. Due from the damage caused from slavery it made it very easy for other ethnicities to take from The Afro-Americans Black Culture. Some of the services BWS looking to sponsor is self acceptance, self worth, and acknowledging the culture past for healing aiming for a productive future without hate, self affliction and destruction. BWS vision is to create an atmosphere of outlets within a community base that nature & support The Afro-American Black people, their families, their communities & The Culture.


BWS Board of Directors are abbreviated BOD

BOD for BWS can sit & serve for a term of 2 years. There’s only 5 board meeting per year to attend which give a person a total of 10 board meetings. BOD’s must be seen alongside of the President at members meetings. If a BOD can’t attend all 4 member meetings it require that the BOD be seen at the 1st and last member meeting of their term.